IRTrans Software

IRTrans Software 6.2

IR Trans transforms your PC into a programmable remote control (See all)

The IRTrans System is based on a TCP/IP Client / Server architecture. Client and Server communicate using the (official) TPC and UDP port 21.000.
At the same time (almost) any number of clients can connect to the IRTrans server.
All of them can send and receive. The IRTrans Server can manage 16 busses with 16 devices each = 256 devices.

Using the TCP/IP structure it is possible to access the system from anywhere (using Internet / Intranet connections).
TCP/IP Netmasks allow to limit the access to the server to certain IP addresses. The Client/Server Software is Open Source and runs on Windows and LINUX using a Single Sourcecode concept.

The server completely controls the learn process for IR codes. They are stored in a central database compromised of ASCII files. Addressing of the devices in a multizone systems is controlled by the server, too. In addition to the IRTrans socket interface the server also has a LIRC / WinLIRC compatible interface.

Due to the flexible Opensource architecture of the IRTrans System and the TCP/IP server the system can easily be adapted to different applications. Each plugin connects to the IRTrans server. This has got several advantages: The majority of the code has got to be implemented only once - in the IRTrans server.

Furthermore almost any number of clients can connect to the server and use the system at the same time. Because of the TCP/IP connection client and server can run on different systems that can connect over the internet. These systems can even be installed on different operating systems.

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